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Our Strategy:

At Tech Marketing Group, we understand that interacting with people is the best way to influence their behaviors and shape their future habits. Our direct marketing approach capitalizes on this understanding by creating a personal rapport that is more effective than outdated indirect promotional methods like billboards, TV ads, and telemarketing. By using an interactive approach, we forge real connections with targeted customers with measurable returns.

We achieve exceptional results for the brands we represent by maintaining our commitment to professional development. Our comprehensive training program is designed to give motivated individuals all the tools they need to design and implement captivating promotions. By investing heavily in our associates, we ensure big payoffs for your company.

Tech Marketing Group of Glen Allen, Virginia announced their latest hiring initiative earlier this month, urging Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Virginia, Radford, and all other regional graduates to apply immediately. The company experienced a surge of growth into neighboring Washington D.C last year and is showing signs of another surge in the near future, leaving several entry level consultant positions open.

Justin explains, “Our leading priority is to find individuals who are competitive, dependable, adaptable and driven. We are confident that our proven training system will guide associates with little, to no experience into a career of progressive growth and upward mobility. “

Through Tech Marketing Group’s inclusive atmosphere and training, top-performing consultant, Ben H. is soon projected to earn a promotion to Assistant Director. From there, the firm plans to move swiftly into their first northeastern region territory.

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