Career Opportunities

Management Training Program

Too good to be true (but it is…)

Growth, opportunity, and dedication are the backbone of our business and therefore, the most important aspect of a career with Tech Marketing Group is our unique management-in-training program.

100% Promotion From Within

We establish a company culture that nurtures talent and promotes high-performing, dedicated, and driven employees on the basis of their personal merit and growth.

Unlimited Growth Potential

Every person in our organization, no matter their background, has potential for growth and change, with no glass ceiling in the way.

High Earning Potential

Our employees experience an environment where their earning potential is uncapped with base hourly pay and salaried options for every qualified candidate. Our organization also offers weekly bonuses and incentives on top of our competitive pay.

Travel and Training

Tech Marketing Group promotes travel for each employee to help build and develop each person through on-the-job training.

Fortune 500 Clients

Our portfolio has expanded to include the leaders in home entertainment; we represent each client inside the biggest retailers in the world.

Merit Based Promotions

Our merit-based program provides our employees with incentives, travel opportunities, and the ability to receive promotions without favoritism, seniority, or previous experience.

Competitive Atmosphere

​Growth comes out of a healthy, competitive, and uplifting atmosphere, where each individual is considered based on their unique abilities and traits.

Lifestyle & Health

​The Tech Marketing Group campus offers a 24 hour gym and cafe for the enjoyment of our staff. Tech Marketing Group also works closely with nonprofits, hosts team nights, and is interested in developing each employee not only through their career, but also as each person individually.