Promotion of Ben Heilberg

RICHMOND, VA – DECEMBER 11TH, 2017 - Tech Marketing Group is proud to announce the promotion of Ben Heilberg to Director of Operations. Ben will be preparing to lead a campaign for one of our Fortune 100 clients in Atlanta, GA.

Ben started with Tech Marketing Group 12 months ago as a Marketing Representative. Since starting with our company, he has exemplified leadership qualities, overcame big challenges, and supported in the growth of our current campaigns. “I am most excited to experience a new city with my wife, Twylia, and to help others realize their full professional potential!” says, Ben Heilberg.

We are excited about this promotion as it is signifying and is the mark of growth for our entire organization. Ben now has the ability to make an even greater impact on so many professionals in our organization and propel his career in the marketing and sales industries.

Tech Marketing Group is looking forward to a lasting partnership with Ben and supporting him in achieving all of his goals.

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